Source code for tyrian.tyrian

# standard library
import os
import json
import pkg_resources

# application specific
from .lexer import Lexer
from .utils import logger
from .typarser import Parser
from .compiler import Compiler

# third party
from peak.util.assembler import Code

[docs]class Tyrian(object): """ Primary interface to tyrian :param settings: dictionary containing settings """ def __init__(self, settings: dict=None): self.resources = os.path.join( os.path.dirname(__file__), 'Grammar') # read in the tokens token_defs_filename = pkg_resources.resource_filename( __name__, 'Grammar\\tokens.json' ) with open(token_defs_filename) as fh: token_defs = json.load(fh) # read in the Grammar grammar_filename = pkg_resources.resource_filename( __name__, 'Grammar\\Grammar' ) with open(grammar_filename) as fh: raw_grammar = # load up the appropriate Nodes for the parser from . import nodes self.lexer = Lexer(token_defs) self.parser = Parser( token_defs=token_defs, raw_grammar=raw_grammar, grammar_mapping=nodes.grammar_mapping, settings=settings ) self.compiler = Compiler()
[docs] def compile(self, input_filename: str) -> Code: """ Compile a file into python bytecode :param input_filename: path to file containing lisp code :rtype: Code """ with open(input_filename) as fh: input_filename_content = lexed = self.lexer.lex( input_filename_content, input_filename)'### kettle of fish ###') parse_tree = self.parser.parse(lexed)'### kettle of fish ###') bytecode = self.compiler.compile_parse_tree(input_filename, parse_tree) return bytecode
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