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# application specific
from .utils import flatten

[docs]class AST(object): """ Is the overruling object returned from the \ :py:class:`Parser <tyrian.typarser.Parser>` """ def __init__(self, content): self.content = content def __repr__(self): return '<AST len(content)=={}>'.format(len(self.content)) def pprint(self): return '\n'.join(self._pprint(self.content)) def _pprint(self, node, indent=0): if isinstance(node, list): name = '<list len={}>'.format(len(node)) else: name = node.__repr__() cur_lines = [] cur_lines.append('{}{}'.format('\t' * indent, name)) if type(node) in [ListNode, ContainerNode, list]: try: iterable = ( node.content if issubclass(type(node), Node) else node ) for sub_node in iterable: if sub_node == node: continue cur_lines += self._pprint(sub_node, indent + 1) cur_lines.append('{}</{}>'.format('\t' * indent, name[1:-1])) except TypeError: cur_lines += self._pprint(iterable, indent + 1) return cur_lines
[docs]class Node(object): """ Base object for Node's """
[docs]class ListNode(Node): """ Represents a () in LISP """ __spec_name = 'LN' def __init__(self, content, strip=True): # strip away the brackets content = content[1:-1] self.content = flatten(content) def __repr__(self): return '<{} len(content)=={}>'.format( self.__spec_name, len(self.content))
[docs]class ContainerNode(ListNode): """ Aside from being functionally identical to :py:class:`ListNode`, this Node does not represent anything in the AST, it simply serves as a container; hence the name """ __spec_name = 'CN'
[docs]class IDNode(Node): "Represents an ID" def __init__(self, content): self.line_no = content.line_no content = content.content self.content = content def __repr__(self): return '<IDNode content="{}">'.format(self.content)
[docs]class NumberNode(Node): "Represents a number" def __init__(self, content): self.line_no = content.line_no self.content = int(content.content) def __repr__(self): return '<NumberNode content={}>'.format(self.content)
[docs]class StringNode(Node): "Represents a string, per se" def __init__(self, content): # remove the quotes, grab the content content = content[1:-1][0] self.content = content.content self.line_no = content.line_no def __repr__(self): return '<StringNode content="{}">'.format(self.content)
[docs]class SymbolNode(Node): "Represents a mathematical symbol" def __init__(self, content): self.line_no = content.line_no self.content = content.content def __repr__(self): return '<SymbolNode content="{}">'.format(self.content)
[docs]class QuotedNode(Node): """ Represents a quoted token """ def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): raise NotImplementedError() # and we define the mappings
grammar_mapping = { "list": ListNode, "string": StringNode, "number": NumberNode, "id": IDNode, "symbol": SymbolNode, "quoted_sexpr": QuotedNode }
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